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GoDMW is a platform in which learning rules and regulations of driving Cars/Vans, Motorbikes or CDL driving vehicle is done in more interactive and efficient manner. The users can be either new drivers or drivers who moved to new states and need to give their DMV written test.

LOCATION: Detroit, Michigan



  • Traditionally, the test givers usually need to read the question and select one of the four multiple choice questions
  • The students are not allowed to go behind the wheel without passing the written test, hence it would be difficult for them to know the features/systems in the car.
  • For first time drivers, understanding certain terms in those questions, the technical aspects of driving can be difficult for them to relate it with real-life experience.



  • Disrupt the learning method of driving instruction training.
  • Convert the questions and set of multiple choice answers into interactive visuals in every way possible
  • Relate the real behind-the-wheel concept into the mobile app to help the user understand the dimensions of problems and solutions in different types of errors.
  • Help increase the users passing rate for both written and behind-the-wheel.



David Gordan

Age: 16
Location: Plano, TX

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Android)

Description: High school student and son of a farmer who wants to help his mother drive-to and do the groceries from the nearby Walmart store.


Students like David typically wants to get his license as soon as he turns 16 years of age. He wants to drive his mother to a store nearby where his mother can get daily groceries and household items. He tried reading the Driving Manual book provided by the DMV of Plano, but he does not understand certain terms and function of the car which didn’t help him relate the book with the actual dashboard of the car.


From the basic research, we were able to clearly define who were going to be the users of the application. Our target users are mostly 15-16 age group who are seeking for the teenage student and someone who’s 18-22 yrs. old who are new to the driving world and are looking to get a new license at a selected state.


  • Learn the basics of the interiors of a real car with in-app dashboards and the overviews of the whole system
  • Share the progress and personal experience with friends on social media
  • Track the progress, look up for a report card to see the weakest and the strongest part of personal data.
  • Learn vehicles category of Bike, Car, CDL vehicles