Get to know more about ashim.

Hello! 👋đŸģ I'm Ashim, a passionate Product Designer bringing ideas to life right. My designs thrive on the trifecta of efficiency, simplicity, and functionality. By deftly shaping user-friendly interfaces with seamless navigation, I transform high-level requirements into coherent flows and tangible artifacts.

A fusion of clean aesthetics and purposeful design defines my work. Inspired by the limitless sky, I balance my role as a designer with the thrill of being a student pilot. Taking flight in my free time ignites my creative spark, giving me a sense of boundless possibility and propelling me to new heights in every project 🛩ī¸.

With a positive mindset and a can-do attitude, I approach every design challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow 🌱. I weave together creative flair and technical insights to deliver innovative and delightful solutions that resonate.

Let's chat, explore, and design amazing things together! 🚀
Cockpit view of Cessna 172
Taking a picture of Los Vaquerius lake from a Cessna 172Working with team
A Gif image of final on paraglide
Group picture with Quicken team at workshop