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Modernizing the Online Presence of ANCA
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The redesign of the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) website was an intricate and thorough process that spanned over six months. This project was initiated due to the need to update a website that had not seen significant changes since its inception in 2002. As the Product Lead, I was responsible for both the design and development of the new site.


The original website faced several challenges:

  • Outdated Design and Architecture: The existing design and layout of the website were dated and not in line with modern web design trends.
  • Legacy Content Management System: The website was running on an old PHP-based CMS, which was inefficient and cumbersome to update.
  • Low Rate of Returning Visitors: The website had a low rate of returning visitors, indicating that it was not effectively engaging users.

Our Approach

  1. Project Definition: Our first step was to clearly define the project's goals, target audience, and desired outcomes.
  2. Information Architecture: We revamped the information architecture of the website to enhance user navigation and overall organization.
  3. User Research and Testing with Low-Fidelity Designs: We conducted user research and low-fidelity design testing to understand user needs, preferences, and pain points.
  4. Developing a New Branding for ANCA: Based on the insights from the user research, we developed a new branding strategy for ANCA, creating a fresh, modern identity for the organization.
  5. Design and Development: Using Photoshop and WordPress, we designed and developed the new ANCA website. The new design was aligned with modern web trends and aimed to effectively showcase the organization's work.
  6. Usability Testing: After the design and development phase, we conducted several rounds of usability testing, both in-person and remotely. This allowed us to validate the new design and make refinements based on user feedback.


The redesigned ANCA website now has a modern and user-friendly design, a more efficient CMS, and improved user engagement. The website effectively communicates ANCA's mission and activities, leading to increased user retention and engagement.

Project Details
Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA)

Product Lead for Remote Team


Photoshop, WordPress, PHP

Lead design & development effort
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