Your On-Demand Moving Buddy


Bindle is an on-demand moving service that connects users with vetted Bindle Pros (drivers) to move items at a price they are willing to pay. Users post what they need to move, and Bindle Pros in their area bid on the job. Bindle offers a real-time, fast, and convenient alternative to traditional delivery services. Users can choose a Bindle Pro based on price, vehicle type, and rating. Bindle allows users to customize their service, whether it's just a truck and driver or a full-service move with a Bindle Pro and Bindle Buddy.


Charlie is a candle designer in Ottawa who crafts beautiful and delicate fragrant candles from his home. His orders have been increasing, with over 15 daily orders, and managing time for delivery has become a challenge. When he had smaller orders, he personally delivered the candles to his customers. But now, he is looking for a service to deliver his products and track deliveries, without hiring a full-time employee, as his sales fluctuate throughout the year.


  1. Scoping the Requirement: We started by understanding Charlie's needs and how Bindle could provide a solution for his delivery challenges.
  2. Designing User Journeys: We mapped out the user journeys to identify the touchpoints and interactions between Charlie, the Bindle Pros, and the customers.
  3. User Research: We conducted research to understand the preferences and needs of potential users of the Bindle app.
  4. Wireframe and Prototyping: We created wireframes and prototypes of the app, detailing the user interface and user experience.
  5. User Testing: We tested the prototype with potential users to identify any issues or areas for improvement.
  6. UI and Branding Design: We developed the user interface design and branding for the Bindle app, ensuring it aligns with the company's image.
  7. Handover Design and Specs: We provided the design and specifications to the native app engineers based in India.
  8. Testing and Launch: We tested the final app and launched it, providing Charlie and other users with a reliable and flexible moving service.