Your On-Demand Moving Buddy


SnowMowr is your go-to on-demand service for snow plowing and lawn maintenance. We partner exclusively with licensed, insured, and professional contractors to ensure top-notch service. Our platform offers real-time tracking, so you can follow the progress of the service being provided. Whether it's for yourself or a loved one, let SnowMowr make life easier by taking care of the chores for you.

Target Audience

SnowMowr is perfect for those who occasionally shovel snow but may be too busy or just not in the mood to do it some days. Our app is ideal for new homeowners, the elderly, and residents who need a one-time snow plow while on vacation. You can order a plow from anywhere with an internet connection. Let SnowMowr help you handle the outdoor work while you enjoy the comforts of your home.


Understanding the Needs:Our team met with the SnowMowr founders to gain a deep understanding of their vision and the specific problems they aimed to solve. Their target audience, primarily new homeowners, the elderly, and vacationing residents seeking one-time snow plowing services, was at the heart of our discussions.

Requirements Gathering:We outlined the app's requirements, ensuring that features like real-time tracking, provider selection, and payment processing were included to meet the needs of SnowMowr's target audience.

Market Analysis and User Personas:We conducted market research to understand the competitive landscape and identify unique opportunities for SnowMowr. User personas were developed to represent the target audience, guiding our design decisions and ensuring we met their specific needs.

Designing User Journeys and Wireframes:User journeys were mapped out to visualize the app's user flow from opening the app to completing a service request. This helped identify potential pain points and optimize the user experience. We then created wireframes to outline the app's structure and flow, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Prototyping and User Feedback:Interactive prototypes were developed based on the wireframes, and user testing sessions were conducted to gather valuable feedback. This iterative process allowed us to refine the design and address any usability concerns.

UI Design and Branding:Informed by user feedback, we designed the final user interface and developed SnowMowr's branding elements, such as the logo, color scheme, and typography. Our focus was on delivering a clean, user-friendly, and visually appealing design.

Development Collaboration:After finalizing the design, we worked closely with the development team to ensure the app was implemented according to the design specifications. We provided ongoing support throughout the development process to address any design-related questions or concerns.

Testing and Launch:The app underwent thorough testing to ensure seamless functionality across different devices and compliance with the design requirements. Once any final issues were addressed, SnowMowr was launched for users to download and enjoy.

Post-launch Support:We continued to support SnowMowr post-launch by monitoring the app's performance, gathering user feedback, and making necessary updates and improvements to meet evolving user needs.